Onions are an essential ingredient in the modern kitchen. They are extremely healthy and have proven medicinal properties. Amongst other things, eating onions is good for the heart and helps prevent colds and the flu. But above all, onions are tasty and give dishes a pleasant kick. They're also quite versatile!

Onions can be used in a wide variety of dishes raw, boiled, stewed, fried, stir-fried, stuffed or grilled.  Read more


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Shallots, like garlic, grow in bulbs. The flavor most closely resembles the red onion, but is more subtle and aromatic. Just like the onion, the shallot is very healthy. The difference between the onion and the shallot is that the shallot is smaller in size with spicier yet more refined flavor. Shallots make an excellent base for sauces, but also add beautiful flavor accents to salads and stir fries.   Read more


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This member of the onion family is also a super-healthy flavor enhancer. Researchers recommend eating 1 to 2 cloves each day to take full advantage of the rich healing power of this herb. And that is no punishment, because garlic gives a variety of dishes a delicious aroma and flavor. The taste and smell of garlic is strong, but as soon as you heat it the flavors become milder and sweeter. Just like onions, garlic can be used in a wide variety of dishes raw, fried, baked, etc.  Read more


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